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The Diaspora Pavilion in Venice

RoosYinka Shonibare - The British Library - 2017_01_1000 (2)

The topics raised in the Diaspora Pavilion are deeply serious and function within a discourse that has been going on for the past decades, in which the former ‘other’ is claiming an equal and independent position within today’s world, according to their own narratives, not the ones put forward by the former oppressor.

Robbert Roos on the Diaspora Pavilion in Venice.
Yinka Shonibare, The British Libray, 2014 (detail)

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Funda: the revival of a black institution in Soweto


In an era where smart technology has rendered the traditional role of libraries almost redundant, Funda is laying an active role in the conservation of the history of African literature as well as black fine artists. The incubation programme is developing a community arts publication with a mission to tell untold stories of the South African arts sector, as a form of creating an archive for future generations.

Phumzile Twala on the revival of a vital institution for black art and literature in Soweto.

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Jeannette Unite

JU Measuring Modernity2

I hope that this artwork throws light on yet another aspect of global capital cycles that should be governed by fairer international Mineral Rights laws. Because this predatory mineral exploitation is a wave of neo-colonialism that could be curbed by more ethical governance internationally and not left to a few African leaders who do sign away rights for a pittance without conceiving of real value.

Candice Allison interviews Jeannette Unite
Measuring Modernity.

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Peacebuilding through art

CraigSolo7 2

These examples highlight the possibilities that art, and the process of being engaged in artistic activities, can offer an awakening conscience and awareness of citizens in areas of peacebuilding and how they encompass civic reactions to violence and conflict through calling for reconciliation and coexistence.

Craig Halliday on peacebuilding through art

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Art of the #BlackLivesMatter Movement


These works of art are an expression of activism against a system that is designed with such bias. Whilst it is true that not every police officer is racist, it is even truer that guilty parties do benefit from an inherently racist system. White supremacy, racism and oppression are still alive but art crosses the boundaries society tries to exclude others from.

Christabel Samuel on art of the #BlackLivesMatter movement

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