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Zak Ové



Zak Ové born 1966 Lives and works in London and Trinidad

Black and Blue, 2016.


Zak Ové works between sculpture, film and photography. His mission is to reignite and reinterpret lost culture using new-world materials, whilst paying tribute to both spiritual and artistic African identity.


DP4, 2016.

The work is born from his documentation of and anthropological interest in diasporic and African history, specifically that which is explored through Trinidadian carnival.


DP 8, 2016.

His work portrays the emancipation of personal existence through incarnation with an ‘other self’, showing us the power of play to free an individual from the contained experience of the self.

This in turn is filtered through his own personal and cultural upbringing, growing up in London and Trinidad.


Time Chief, 2010.

Zak Ové is represented by Vigo Gallery, London (text website artist)


Nubian Return, 2011.

Zak Ové works in sculpture, film, painting and photography, often collaging the various elements using found, cast and recovered materials. Interested in reinterpreting lost culture and mythology using modern and antique materials, he pays tribute to both spiritual and artistic African and Trinidadian identities which have been given new meanings through Trinidadian carnival and the cross cultural dispersion of ideas.(text 1: 54)