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Senzeni Marasela

Senzeni_Marasela_performing_ at_Deveron_ Arts_Scotland_2009.

Performance is important to me. I like to insert myself into situations. I like to bring my work to people. I notice that where I work currently, there is a visible struggle with how I look. Women are so accustomed to being sexually available but my dress (as Theodorah) speaks to Black South Africans who understand that I am not available. I am interested in how far I can push limits and eventually provoke people to interact with me.
Yvette Greslé interviews the South African artist Senzeni Marasela.

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Gopal Dagnogo

Gopal2 fauteuils vides 120 x 120cm

That Gopal Dagnogo is carrying his personal history with him, I have no doubt. On the other hand, because of the way he does it – generalization, abstraction – he raises the issues to a universal level, allowing a broader interpretation for his work.
Rob Perrée analyzes the work of Gopal Dagnogo, born in Ivory Coast, living and working in Paris.

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A Space Between Cultures. Identity in Contemporary Art.


So how are artists representing identity in a space between cultures relevant to our time? They are more than ever needed, for they push forward new ways of thinking, new rules, and a new world where different ways of thinking are merged and accepted. They hold several emics within them. They are pioneers, recreating histories and allowing it to flow through different paths never questioning its different authenticities, because it knows all is possible. They are the product and the answer to our globalized multicultural world.
Ghanese-Dutch artist Marijke Everts on identity and home in multi cultural world.

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Yubi Kirindongo


The kind of material with which he works is not found in art shops or even do-it-yourself stores and builders’ merchants, but in scrapyards and on beaches. In less enlightened times it was common in Curacao to dump household rubbish in the sea, and what doesn’t decompose gets washed up somewhere else eventually.
Chris Morvan portrays the artist Yubi Kirindongo from Curacao.

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“It’s no wonder, however, that like art every and anywhere, Ethiopian art is continuously evolving, expressing and documenting social conditions from war and peace to farm life and landscapes.”
Desta Meghoo J.D. writes a brief history of Ethiopian art.

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Edition 7/8, July/August 2014.

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