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To Hell with Monuments


As we have seen through multiple 2015 student protests, where many of us were conscientized through mobilizing around the violence of colonial symbolism, a monument is not simply a representation- it gives strength to the static, it validates regime, and affirms its own position in an attempt to prove timelessness. While the monument still stands, so then does the status quo it holds.

Thuli Gamedze challenges colonial and other monuments.
Detail of a site specific work of Lungiswa Gqunta.

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Notes on children begging in the streets of Dakar or The Art of Writing



A writer clears his path through incessant questioning—seeking more than anything else an honest evaluation of his position and place in the subject’s affairs. Devoid of any irrelevancy and unpretentiousness, a piece of writing will consequently function as honest, and as intimate. Hence there is a sense in which “intimacy” means “clarity.”

The Nigerian writer Emmanuel Iduma – member of ‘Invisible Borders’ – on the art of writing.
Photo by Jacqueline Iannacone.

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Opening Stellenbosch of Aryan Kaganof


Aryan Kaganof, an independent filmmaker, novelist and a reluctant poet, filmed a three part film, ‘Opening Stellenbosch: From Assimilation to Occupation’ to document the struggle of the students at the University. This was done while he was an artist-in-residency at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study (the institute later refused for Kaganof to screen the film at the department).

Zimasa Mpemnyama reviews the latest documentary of Aryan Kaganof.

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Khanyisile Mbongwa


“As a young black female person I feel that my reality and history always call for me to transcend my experiences of being black in an anti-black and anti-woman world. The call for reconciliation in South Africa asks me to transcend my growing up in the township and the violence that comes with that.”

Manon Braat in conversation with the South-African artist Khanyisile Mbongwa.

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Shabu Mwangi


Shabu’s mixed-media paintings explore the frail condition of humanity and the callous ways in which we treat each other. In a ravenous world, wheeled by the rich and powerful, he genuinely and relentlessly empathizes with the kind, the poor, and the displaced.

Zihan Kassam on the work of the Kenyan artist Shabu Mwangi.

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April edition 2016.

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