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Isaac Julien


“Isaac Julien wanted to show how the art world is functioning as a capitalist venture. So from hedge fund manager, to auction and even the cleaning lady that works for an art collector, they are all working in a way within the art world, although its mechanisms could easily be stretched to fit a more general model of society. However, the characters lack relief. Even in their enthusiasm or grief, they are stuck in their role as an archetype in the story of capitalism. That fact alone causes a distance between film and viewer. ‘Playtime’ is too much of a sketch, instead of a forceful story.”
Machteld Leij on ‘Playtime’ of Isaac Julien.

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Rashid Diab


“The color and form may illustrate moments of sorrow, happiness, hope and despair, but the most important element is that of nostalgia for this universal world which is truly a reflection of my career. Thus, through my art I am most concerned with universality. Art for me is ultimately the connection between human beings. Art is what sustains cultures and indicates the material aspects of civilizations and as human beings we are responsible for this task”

Mulugeta Tafesse quotes the Sudanese artist Rashid Diab

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Nour-Eddine Jarram


The work of Nour-Eddine Jarram shows the assimilation process of an artist who is impressed by the culture of his new homeland, who wants to be influenced by it, refer to it, without ignoring or denying his Moroccan background.
Rob Perrée on the work of Nour-Eddine Jarram

De botanische les, 1991.

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Addis Ababa: city and its art scene under construction

Tamrat Gezahegn 7

“The new generation is dynamic and vibrant and they are fighting for an awareness of art in Ethiopian society in a different way than their predecessors. In their eyes, art is not about simply creating aesthetic images but about raising consciousness about contemporary societal topics. All these artists find it important to be socially engaged and create awareness through their art and their artistic collaborations.”

Rosalie van Deursen on contemporary art in Addis Ababa.

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Razia Barsatie


“Razia Barsatie plays an important role in the Surinamese art world, her work and approach to teaching marks that of a new generation. Paintings of the faya lobie, djompo voetoe and the spectacular inlands are an important part of the Surinamese cultural expression. Alongside are those artists such as Razia Barsatie who touch upon the understanding of their culture, their history and the entrenched prejudices that are still aspects of daily life.”
Lih-Lan Wong about the young Surinamese artist Razia Barsatie.

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Edition 2, February 2015.

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