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Body Politics

Marcia Kure 'The Three Graces' 2014 - detail - (2)

“(…)this exhibition shows six strong female African artists who, by using the body in different ways, express powerful messages. Their messages cover personal victories and visions on femininity, knowing one’s identity through one’s history, reflections on stereotypical thinking, healing the wounds of history by subverting one’s own body and reflections on the pain and alienation of being separated from one’s true identity. “

Rosalie van Deursen on body politics in the work of six female artists from Africa.

Marcia Kure, The Three Graces, detail, 2014

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El Anatsui

El Anatsui AG & BA detail 4 2014 Installation Aluminium   and copper wire and nylon string dimensions variable Photo Jonathan Greet courtesy October Gallery(1)

“(…) the work brings the ethical and political concerns of the environment, consumerism and waste into view. It suggests that we pay attention to the meanings, limitations and possibilities of recycling, without being didactic and heavy-handed (…).

Yvette Greslé on ‘the wall hangings’ of El Anatsui.

AG + AB, 2014 (detail), photo Jonathan Greet.

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Schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram


“Absence, in the making of the photographs, seemed like a metaphor for presence, a way to affirm the continued relevance of the girls. By standing in place of portraits of the missing girls, the still life pictures of their possessions carry the same power of recognition that portraits would have carried.”

Emmanuel Iduma on the representation of the schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram.

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Represent: 200 years of African American art


“In spite of the gaps, the missing opportunity’s and the uneven quality of a number of works on display. ‘Represent’ is an exhibition that is worth visiting. For visitors who are not familiar with art of black American artists it makes a good introduction , for specialists, the exhibition leads to a wider discourse on African American art.”

Rob Perrée reviews ‘Represent: 200 years of African American Art’ in Philadelphia Museum of Art.

 John Woodrow Wilson, Martin Luther King, 1981.

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Iris Kensmil


“In order to find her reflection, culture and history Iris Kensmil followed the footsteps of fellow Dutchmen from Holland to Suriname to America to Ghana and Indonesia and back. She has given us a tangible trail of not only her but our own reflection, culture and history.”

The conclusion of Sasha Dees in her article on the Dutch/Surinamese artist Iris Kensmil.

Iris Kensmil

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Edition 3, March 2015.

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