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Renzo Martens Congo Project

CongoThomas Leba_Poisonous Mistake (2)

“If one can search beyond that particular veneer, one would find a version of Martens’ critique articulated not by the Dutch spokesman, but by the individual creators of the sculptures on view. The most rewarding result of this minimizing of Martens’ authorship is that this gesture allows the opening up a whole new view of the works themselves, which have been shown in previous exhibitions but, it seems, never confronted deeply and in their own right.”

Allison Young on the Congo project of Renzo Martens.
Thomas Leba, A Poisonous Miracle (detail), 2015.

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Democracy & Demeanour


“Emerging artists (…) are asking important questions about the purpose of art and what it can achieve. Using new techniques and mediums, they are creating artwork that contributes to the socio-political discourse in the country. While the youngest artists struggle to find their voice, it is a rite of passage that certainly pays off over time.”

Zihan Kassam on Kenyan artists engaging in political and social discourse.
Longinos Lagina, Democracy my Piss (detail), 2016.

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International Festival of African Fashion in Niger


With that the fashion festival was caught in the same struggle; on the one hand organizing an event that made people from all over the world come to Niger and thus get to know this ‘forgotten’ country, but on the other not adhering to the strict Islamic rules imposed by insurgents.

Jorrit R. Dijkstra on the International Festival of African Fashion in Niger.
All photos Héctor Mediavilla from Niger Blackstage Seies.

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An essay without words. A review without text.
Renzo de Pablo photographed ‘ALL YOU CAN ART’, a large exhibition in De Kunsthal in Rotterdam to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Instituto Buena Bista (IBB), the pre-academy for young, talented, potential artists on Curacao, founded by the artists David Bade and Tirzo Martha.

Logo ALL YOU CAN ART, 2016.

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Frohawk Two Feathers


“(humor) is indicative of my upbringing as a Black male in the United States (or anywhere in the Western psyche for that matter). Casting any light upon the White male hierarchy outside of the accepted canon requires superhuman (albeit tiring) cleverness, deftness, and diplomacy to which other groups are not so subjected. I don’t feel like this all the time but my black survival training always pushes this “behavior” into my frontal lobe. A shameful bi-product of living within the veil of unending racism. Yet, on a different note, I do consider myself to be quite funny.”

Rob Perrée interviews Frohawk Two Feathers.
Clovis and Beertje, 2014.

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June edition 2016.

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Photo by Paul Greenway/3P Photography. 3P16_003_MathiusChirombo.

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