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Dion Rosina

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Dion Rosina

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Dion Rosina’s practice begins with research. Looking for
strange stories, mysteries on the verge of paranormal,
unexplained phenomenons, mythologies, but also
significant figures and moments in history, he collects a
variety of related visuals that may or may not capture the
essence of the story behind it. By putting those together,
first digitally (creating more of a composition than a
finished work), and then with oils on canvas, he subverts
the original story and creates an even wilder narrative.

DionFromThe SourceDionRegenerattionDionSystemReboot

From the Source/Regeneration/System Reboot

Anvthing from photos of celestial bodies, over ancient
figures or patterns, to jazz photography, can be jumbled
together, providing a number of (mostly deceiving) clues.
Rendered in oil using traditional painterly techniques, the
visuals show great attention to light play and stark
contrasts. Often shrouded in pitch darkness, the figures
are barely recognizable, further accentuating the cryptic
nature of these assemblages. On too of that the sections
get frequently brushed off, giving the paintings a sense of
relevance and significance through this antiquated, worn-
out veneer. And although appearing limited in color, the
intricate brushwork reveals lavers of different hues that
construct the predominant b/w or sepia tint. Adding
warmth/coldness to the overall composition, these
color additions also make the work feel more alive.
authentic, and almost document-like. From this cunning
way of obscuring the pigment to the overall collage
concept, Rosina is portraying the fragile condition of reality
with a clear interest in underexposed history, immigration,
repression, and alienation.

-Saša Bogojev