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Wallen Mapondera

MapsTuck Shop 4. 2019

In this exhibition, Mapondera, who is known for his paintings on canvas and the trademark installations of tapestries weaved out of cardboard, went beyond his orthodox creative style to work with wood and metal, as well as to incorporate sound. Thus, the work appeals to more senses beyond the visual. This body of three-dimensional works is a narrative of Zimbabweans’ survival strategies or their coping mechanisms in the face of the endless hardships

Barnabas Ticha Muvhuti on recent work of Wallen Mapondera from Zimbabwe

Tuck Shop 4, 2019

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On Meeting Toni Morrison


Toni Morrison (1931-2019) was one of the most important American writers. She inspired many fellow authors and also artists. She won the Nobel Prize for Literature and emphatically made her voice heard in discussions about race, feminism and Black Lives Matter. She was a novelist of the black experience.

Sarah Ladipo Manyika had the chance to meet her. In this article she gives an extensive, personal report of her meeting. Read more »

Dada Khanyisa: Good Feelings


She makes use of what we could call ordinary materials such as wood, plastic glass, mirrors, record cases, and so on; as well as creatively abstract instances of black people inside bars, restaurants, shebeens, homes, and different kinds of interiorities, with great humor and play.

Athi Mongezeleli on the new works of Dada Khanyisa
precoital convos, 2019, all works courtesy Stevenson Gallery, SA.

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Devan Shimoyama: The Black Queer Male Body


Devan Shimoyama is a young artist from Philadelphia, living in Pittsburgh. He explores the depictions of the black, queer, male body. He is one of the BLOOM generation as presented in TELL ME YOUR STORY. 100 years of storytelling in African Amerikan art. Kunsthal KAdE in Amersfoort, The Netherlands, until May 17, 2020.

Rob Perrée writes on his work
Countdown, 2019

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Philip Balimunsi. New curator of Uganda’s national gallery


Artist/curator Philip Balimunsi has been appointed curator of Nommo National Gallery, Uganda’s national gallery of art. What are his motives, his plans, his future projects? How important is the Nommo National Gallery for the art scene in Uganda?

Matt Kayem interviews him.

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March edition, 2020

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