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Purnaa Deb


Purnaa Deb’s work stands at the intersection of grace and redemption and looks at what is possible. She explores the liminal space between chaos and order.

Fadzai Muchemwa on the work of the Johannesburg-based Purnaa Deb
The beauty within, 2019

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Serge Nitegeka


Nitegeka work is stylised and self-referential, he creates exhibitions in which space becomes political through its very structure.

Themba Tsotsi on the work of Serge Nitegeka
Liminal Cargo IV

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Noria Mabasa

NoraSleeping couple 2021

The title of the exhibition series, Shaping Dreams, in the final analysis, emphasises Mabasa’s hand in the work’s making, her role as a mentor, and her determination to carve out a place for herself and her steadily vanishing belief system in an otherwise hostile or indifferent world. At the same time, it asks that we question our own myth-making processes, and provides an opportunity to let the artist and her work speak for themselves.

James Sey about the work of the South African Noria Mabasa
Sleeping Couple, 2021

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In the black fantastic, Hayward Gallery London


In the Black Fantastic will be the first exhibition to highlight this very significant and still under-acknowledged artistic territory that extends across the field of visual art to recent trends in literature, film, television, and music”.

Christabel Johanson quotes Ralph Rugoff, Director at the Hayward Gallery
Installation view Hayward Gallery (work of Rashaad Newsome)

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Sheila Nakitende

Sheila12Nakitende, Cost of Oxygen, 2022, 111.5cm x 91.5cm, Bark cloth paper & raffia. Photograph by Martin Kharumwa. Image courtesy of Borderlands Art.

Having an increased number of females working in the contemporary art scene is great. For the curators particularly, they have really played a key role in encouraging and promoting female artists.

A statement of the Ugandan artist Sheila Nakitende in conversation with Claire Nalukenge
Cost of Oxygen, 2022, 111.5cm-x-91.5cm- Bark cloth paper raffia. Photograph by-Martin Kharumwa. Image courtesy of Borderlands Art

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July/August edition, 2022

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