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Uganda’s Inaugural at the Venice Biennale


“………for the 59th edition of the event, Uganda made its first appearance. For a country that has been accused of having no art, this was an unprecedented. And for a country where the National Theatre was put up for sale by the unscrupulous of its putrescent government in favor of an investor erecting a shopping mall!

Matt Kayem on his country at the Venice Biennial
Collin Sekajugo, Stock Image 020 – Too Late, 2022. Ⓒ Collin Sekajugo Studio

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Ethiopia & the Ethiopian Art Scene

Tariku Shiferaw, Kinfolk (Mereba), 2020. Courtesy of the artist and Addis Fine Art.

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to separate oneself from one’s roots. Ethiopia is a part of me as much as my Black identity is in the United States. My work is heavily focused on my identity to where I’ve grown up and where I currently live. I have hopes that my African background will, perhaps one day, lead to conversations about global Blackness. Being Black in other parts of the world isn’t the same as it is in North America – the struggles and challenges differ from place to place.

Christabel Johanson in conversation with Tariku Shiferaw
Kinfolk (Mereba), 2020. Courtesy of the artist and Addis Fine Art.

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New York Calling

Rebecca Belmore, Prototype for Ishkode, 2021

Rob Perrée was in New York and visited some interesting exhibitions. Here a report of his findings.

The Whitney Biennial, Faith Ringgold and Frédéric Bruly Bouabré.

Rebecca Belmore, Prototype for Ishkode (fire), 2021


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Bienvenue Fotso’s Fipan Grass

Fotso7 Malva Neglecta, 2021

Fotso is both deeply attuned to the human dependency on plants and concerned about the loss of biodiversity and indigenous knowledge in Cameroon

Yota Batsaki on the work of Cameroonian artist Bienvenue Fotso
Malva Neglecta (2021), courtesy of the artist and African Art Beats

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Ralph Borland on technology and art


Working with technology offers too a medium for communication to audiences, particularly broader publics. Technology is a form of spectacle, a form of offering pleasure and excitement to audiences. Within the pleasure, critical ideas can be carried

Sanya Osha talks with Ralph Borland about Wire Art

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