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The Rise of Eco Art in West Africa


In the vibrant tapestry of West African art, the threads of sustainability, cultural preservation, and environmental advocacy are woven together, creating a powerful narrative that resonates far beyond the region’s borders. As the eco-art movement continues to gain momentum, it serves as a poignant reminder that art has the power to inspire, educate, and catalyze change – one brushstroke, one sculpture, and one repurposed material at a time.

Marques Hardin on Eco Art
Jeffrey Baiboo, Place et peine, textile on canvas

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Ruth Ige


The works are captured with flowing feminine impact. This emphasized femininity, playing with a dark hue of blue expresses and counters the traditional light and grandiose contexts that masculine depictions of the divine are depicted in the Western context.

Themba Tsotsi on the work of Ruth Ige
Protected by heavan, 2024

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Trashy History: Tinotenda Chivinge’s Zimbabwe Birds


Today, the National Gallery of Zimbabwe displays birds made of trash and platforms artists who revel in the rubbish heap. This is by no means a decline in sculptural quality, and I don’t intend to deprecate the curatorial work happening at NGZ either.

Rory Tsapayi on the role of trash in Zimbabwean art

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Maimouna Guerresi: VOLTA New York


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Aida Muluneh


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