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Albano Cardoso



Albano Cardoso

Man Alone, 2013.






Albano Cardoso is a multi-media artist whose work includes painting, photography, poetry, and video. He was born in Luanda, but had the opportunity to travel the world at an early age playing soccer for Angola’s National Team. Albano later moved to the US for his studies and ended up living in Portugal, working for the music industry. After 16 years he returned to Angola to pursue his longtime passion, art.


Maos ao ar, 2016

Today, Albano is based in Luanda, where he makes the practice of art the key element in grasping everyday life in this post-war environment. His canvases use color to produce harmony and contention, while his photos extend a welcoming handshake that invites the weary, curious, and unsuspecting into conversation.


Chocolate Dancer, 2016


The Moon is Bleeding and so am I, 2016.


Uawe People, 2016.

About contemporary African art: “It represents the pulse of a current, living, screaming social existence to which the artists belongs, whether reflecting his/her point of view, contemplating the feat of the cosmos, or telling us about the traditional culture of the fishermen in his hometown. They say that, as Africa emerges, it’s crucial to listen to, read, and see the work of its artists, as they are the ones who are in touch with people’s daily lives. How can you invest in Africa without noticing the intellectuality of its art? Before good anthropology can take place, we need to look beyond the politicians that never set foot outside of their luxury cars and offices.”