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Author: Frank Ugiomoh

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The ‘Man, Mask and Myth’ project of Solomon Ona Irein Wangboje


Man is the centre of the universe. His endless struggle for security and survival has created room for myths about life and death as well as other unforeseen circumstances that control his existence. These myths have resulted in practices in traditional African societies where the mask is believed to have magico-religious powers and can be used to ward off evil spirits. The traditional artist is thus motivated to create the appropriate mask to serve the desired functions in his society.

Frank A. O. Ugiomoh on the ‘Man, Mask and Myth’ project of Solomon Ona Irein Wangboje

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Fig. 3

Frank Ugiomoh (University of Port Hartcourt) writes about the difference between Art History in Africa and African art history. His conclusion makes clear why this topic is still urgent. He says: “The inversion, on the long run, of the “art world consciousness” into “world art consciousness” where diverse art worlds experience one another, within the interpretive possibilities that the history of art and its theoretical infrastructures offer, remains an ideal.”

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