Arena for Contemporary African, African-American and Caribbean Art

Author: Lih-Lan Wong

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Overtime: The Other Exhibition: a conversation with curators and artists


We should start talking about black people as creators of their own knowledge instead of mere subjects. We should not only speak about different kinds of knowledge productions but also about different kinds of experiences. We are still in the moment that we haven’t achieved it.

Lih-Lan Wong in conversation with curators Tatenda Magaisa and Katleho Shoro and participant Matshelane Xhakaza

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Tirzo Martha on Artists’ Residencies and Caribbean Identity

AfricanahTirzoEx Surinamer 2015 (2)

“It becomes dangerous when artists pretend to be socially engaged or are not taking the reality of a community into account and only focus on creating a good artwork. But the most important issue is continuity. If there is no continuation or involvement that contributes to certain goals, than it could cause a lot of damage.”

Tirzo Martha reacts on Lih-Lan Wong.
Ex-Surinamer (detail), 2015.

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Razia Barsatie


“Razia Barsatie plays an important role in the Surinamese art world, her work and approach to teaching marks that of a new generation. Paintings of the faya lobie, djompo voetoe and the spectacular inlands are an important part of the Surinamese cultural expression. Alongside are those artists such as Razia Barsatie who touch upon the understanding of their culture, their history and the entrenched prejudices that are still aspects of daily life.”
Lih-Lan Wong about the young Surinamese artist Razia Barsatie.

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