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Author: Rob Perrée

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Walter O. Evans: collector of African American art & literature

FROM THE ARCHIVE: March 6, 2021:

If this exhibition was held in the USA, I would first want it to include my Frederick Douglass collection, now housed at the Beinecke Library at Yale University and now available digitally online for all the world to read. I also have several slave narratives in my collection which I would like to see included. I have only one item directly related to the Dutch involvement in slavery which I would have liked to have been included in the current Rijksmuseum exhibition: A Sermon, written by Jacobus Elisa Joannes Capitein, written in 1742, an extremely rare item in the original form.

Walter Evans about the slavery exhibition in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

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Isan Corinde: Slavery Past


He generally loves stories. He doesn’t read them but he fantasizes about them when he sees something or hears something. His interest in slavery, especially as it occurred in Suriname with the Maroons, was sparked by the stories his grandmother told him.

Rob Perrée about the project Slavery Past by Isan Corinde

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Collin Sekajugo


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Kenneth Aidoo


He decides to make series of portraits of black men, heroes, courageous soldiers, sometimes also influential women, who lived in a time or operated under circumstances in which their blackness had no negative connotation. Figures that are wrongly missing in the canon.

Rob Perrée on the work of Kenneth Aidoo.
Black is the color of my true loves hair, 2022

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Pabi Daniel (1999)


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