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Author: Rob Perrée

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Benny Andrews 60’s


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Hussein Salim


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Kenneth Aidoo


He decides to make series of portraits of black men, heroes, courageous soldiers, sometimes also influential women, who lived in a time or operated under circumstances in which their blackness had no negative connotation. Figures that are wrongly missing in the canon.

Rob Perrée on the work of Kenneth Aidoo.
Black is the color of my true loves hair, 2022
First published: November 2022,

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Atta Kwami, Ghana


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Marcel Pinas: more than an artist

Marcel Pinas, Totem, 2009.

When he left (the Edna Manly College in) Jamaica, he knew he wanted to support the creativity of young people in particular and give them the opportunity to be self-sufficient. He knew he had to come up with projects that do justice to the Maroon culture. In doing so, he had to involve the population of the region as much as possible.

Rob Perrée writes about the remarkable work of the Surinamese artist Marcel Pinas
First published: April 5, 2022
Totem, 2009

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