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Author: Rob Perrée

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Devan Shimoyama: All the Rage

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Surinaamse School = Gemiste Kans

Armand Baag, Familieportet Baag, 1989, olieverf op doek. Collectie Joyce, Sura en Surina Baag, Amsterdam

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Dominic Chambers


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Hamid El Kanbouhi: Intimate Street Art


In 2015 the artist Hamid El Kanbouhi became the so called ‘City Drawer’ (Stadstekenaar) of Amsterdam. A great honor and a nice amount. In return was expected of him to make a series of drawings that characterize the city. He asked Rob Perrée to add short texts.
Here a selection from this Intimate Street Art project.

Untitled, 2015

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Rufai Zakari

RufaPartofMe 1 2021

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