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Author: Sanya Osha

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Ralph Borland on technology and art


Working with technology offers too a medium for communication to audiences, particularly broader publics. Technology is a form of spectacle, a form of offering pleasure and excitement to audiences. Within the pleasure, critical ideas can be carried

Sanya Osha talks with Ralph Borland about Wire Art

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ThejunkmanfromAfrika, also known as Dilomprizulike


I have equipped myself with in-depth studies in artistic expression, philosophy and anthropology. And with these tools I weave the stories of a people into history for posterity. This is how I make things that don’t sell even if I would have wanted to sell them. No one wants such collective Karmic representations on the living room walls. But museums love such things because they bring in revenue…through projects and programs.

Sanya Osha in conversation with ThejunkmanfromAfrica, also known as Dilomprizulike

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