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Author: Mulugeta Tafesse

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Endale’s visual imagination

BBDImage 22 b, Sunfall, (YeMata Jember),


Strolling from one to the other housetop,
Rambling to stroke the mount’s cap.
See the shade, beneath,
where it can’t ……..
stretch itself, long enough.
See man’s shadow track …….
broken rough, emptied and lethargic.
Mulegeta Tafese on the Ethiopian artist Endale.

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Rashid Diab


“The color and form may illustrate moments of sorrow, happiness, hope and despair, but the most important element is that of nostalgia for this universal world which is truly a reflection of my career. Thus, through my art I am most concerned with universality. Art for me is ultimately the connection between human beings. Art is what sustains cultures and indicates the material aspects of civilizations and as human beings we are responsible for this task”

Mulugeta Tafesse quotes the Sudanese artist Rashid Diab

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Addis and Khartoum Art Movements


“On objectively reflecting the East African art scene, we can generally assume the Addis and Khartoum art movements were, among other events, two important artistic platforms, which helped shape the Ethiopian and Sudanese modern art. Both countries lived through hard times in which social and political calamities were not uncommon; in fact, there were several anomalies that dragged on for long affecting every citizen. And this is how, in addition to the standoff there, this setting has created the current Africa’s chronicles – including its visual culture.” Mulugeta Tafesse on the art scene in East Africa.

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