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Author: Fadzai Muchemwa

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Purnaa Deb


Purnaa Deb’s work stands at the intersection of grace and redemption and looks at what is possible. She explores the liminal space between chaos and order.

Fadzai Muchemwa on the work of the Johannesburg-based Purnaa Deb
The beauty within, 2019

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Candice Kramer


I am fascinated with the surface of steel. It is a substance so strong and industrial in nature. I love interrogating it, pushing its boundaries and playing with the alchemical processes. I look to bring life and dynamism to the materials that have constructed my hometown. I also love painting on it, the beauty of the oil paint gliding on its smooth surface.

Fadzai Muchemwa interviews Candice Kramer
Untitled, 2019

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