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Author: Matt Kayem

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Collage Broadly Defined, groupshow in Afriart, Kampala


Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso who gave the medium its first kick would stare in awe if they visited Afriart gallery today as each of these young artists demonstrates a deep understanding of how to ‘cut and paste’ which form the core of the discipline

Matt Kayem on the groupshow Collage Broadly Defined in Kampala
Gael Maski, Personal Tansition Series, 2019

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Stary Mwaba: There is no interest in our wellbeing


We had to navigate our way around, we had to prove ourself. There is less of that now, you can be here in Zambia and you have a thousand followers on one of your social networking sites who are interested in what you do. But yeah, I think it’s about having the interest in something and following it through, It is…..I hate to use the word…… passion.

Matt Kayem in conversation with the Zambian artist Stary Mwaba
Chinese Cabbage, 2014-2015 (detail)

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Philip Balimunsi. New curator of Uganda’s national gallery


Artist/curator Philip Balimunsi has been appointed curator of Nommo National Gallery, Uganda’s national gallery of art. What are his motives, his plans, his future projects? How important is the Nommo National Gallery for the art scene in Uganda?

Matt Kayem interviews him.

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Seniority First? On Mastery And Techniques in Ugandan art.


Most of the artists in this lot are locally consumed and no where on the international art scene. Apart from Sanaa Gateja, the rest wouldn’t be masters in the eyes of Simon Njami. Njami is right and there is a need for Ugandan practitioners to play at the big stage because there isn’t much the industry at home can offer. And also, is technique and aesthetics enough to bestow the title of master on one? What happens to the narrative, the stories around us, the pressing issues around us?

Matt Kayem on the discours: who can be called ‘master’?
Sanaa Gateja

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Re:public: Tegene Kunbi and Robel Temesgen


Together, the works speak to the creative act of migration and the potential for everyday objects to simultaneously contain culture, but also cause it to confront other forces surrounding it – namely rapid urban development, technology and the digital economy, which accounts for billions of connections between individuals and multinational companies through mobile devices and data.

Matt Kayem on Tegene Kunbi and Robel Temesgen

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