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Author: Chris Morvan

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Marcel Pinas


“My work is like the voice of the community where I come from. I use a lot of symbols and objects from that culture. But at first I could not reach my own people because they don’t go to the gallery, they don’t go to the museum. So I went into the community to work with the community. So now when I make something they get involved, they make some money from it. “

Chris Morvan interviews the Surinamese artist and director of the Nola Hatterman Art Academy Marcel Pinas.

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Yubi Kirindongo


The kind of material with which he works is not found in art shops or even do-it-yourself stores and builders’ merchants, but in scrapyards and on beaches. In less enlightened times it was common in Curacao to dump household rubbish in the sea, and what doesn’t decompose gets washed up somewhere else eventually.
Chris Morvan portrays the artist Yubi Kirindongo from Curacao.

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