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Author: Miguel Keerveld

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Xavier Robles de Medina


Xavier Robles de Medina translates reality into magic with influences from gothic and carefully chosen ‘material’.

Miguel E. Keerveld on the work of the Surinames artist Xavier Robles de Medina.

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Kurt Nahar


At different times in his life, he experiences inexplicable circumstances whose mysteries usually only unfold after a few years, allowing Nahar to understand more deeply and develop an understanding for complexities. He is very clear about his collection of material: “I carry that force of spirituality on me as backpack so that everything that comes on my path and yells something at me becomes my acrylic paint and my canvas.”

Miguel E. Keerveld on the work of the Surinamese artist Kurt Nahar
Wake Up and Live, 2012

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Sri Irodikromo


Her choice of materials regards decolonization. She exchanges brightly colored acrylic paint for natural earthy hues derived exclusively from organic products; with coffee being particularly important. She also uses turmeric, bluing, charcoal, bee wax, ‘pimba’, strips of black cotton, rusty nails, and wire. A new path in her artistic career that may have come from her speaking from an ayllu for historical, cultural, and symbolic significance.

Miguel E. Keerveld on the work of the Surinamese artist Sri Irodikromo
Tyekelan, 2021

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LUNAR: an art manifestation in Paramaribo, Suriname

LunarKurt and Sri, Obatala and Endhang 1

Lunar – an exhibition in Paramaribo, Suriname – wanted to show the entanglement of peoples with different ethnical, cultural, and religious backgrounds.

Curator Miguel E. Keerveld on his Lunar project at Readytex Art Gallery.
Detail installation Obalá and Éndhang, Kurt Nahar and Sri Irodikromo

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