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Author: Yasmijn Jarram

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Framer Framed


“It’s important to question the authority of institutions, to be self-reflective, to be open to criticism and adopt this in the artistic practice, to express multiple voices, and especially to acknowledge people’s different perspectives – and to incorporate this awareness into the stories you present. Bool: “It’s essential to realize knowledge always stems from a certain history, often from the Eurocentric history of science.”
Yasmijn Jarram talks with Josien Pieterse and Cas Bool of ‘Framer Framed’.

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Bopape, Growing EveryDay2005


“We are a not an African residency, but an Amsterdam residency. We have to be situated in the middle of the city. We’re not interested in offering Africans an African context, which often seems to be the case; organizers suddenly want to eat African food all the time, while the African artists came to learn about Dutch culture. Nevertheless, the free Dutch climate can sometimes shock them. (…)Here, homosexuality is common and not everyone is a Muslim.”

Pauline Burmann, chairperson of Thami Mnyele, interviewed by Yasmijn Jarram.


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