Arena for Contemporary African, African-American and Caribbean Art

Author: Phumzile Twala

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Zeitz MOCAA, Cape Town


The politics behind our Zeitz MOCAA Social Practice and performance production and the storyline it currently tells have raised questions about the way that this story will be written as well as how much of a say Africans really have in the discourse around African Art.

Phumzile Twala about Zeitz MOCAA, the recently opened Contemporary African Art Museum in Cape Town
Yinka Shonibare, Addio Del Passato.

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Funda: the revival of a black institution in Soweto


In an era where smart technology has rendered the traditional role of libraries almost redundant, Funda is laying an active role in the conservation of the history of African literature as well as black fine artists. The incubation programme is developing a community arts publication with a mission to tell untold stories of the South African arts sector, as a form of creating an archive for future generations.

Phumzile Twala on the revival of a vital institution for black art and literature in Soweto.

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