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Author: Van Binnendijk-Visser

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Looking for rebels in Surinamese art

SuMarcel Pinas A libi (2)

It is clear that many people in Suriname not yet fully realize that artists can only arrive at great results by stepping out of comfort zones. By venturing into the unknown. We should be proud of what these free spirits offer us, and we truly believe that societies can greatly benefit from their artistic gifts.
Therefore we think that releasing their inner rebel might be sound advice for art lovers too!

Chandra van Binnendijk and Marieke Visser on art in Suriname.
First published: July 7, 2016

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Tembe fu libi: Moengo Festival of Visual Arts: the exhibition


The exhibition, with all its art works, in and outside of buildings, and all that may or may not be art but is something which has been a consequence of ‘Tembe fu libi’, this all has become almost like a living, expanding, dynamic thing. ART with capital letters asks questions, ART provokes thoughts and discussions. This is exactly what is happening in Moengo. And because of the Moengo art exhibition, these discussions are also taking place elsewhere in the country.

Chandra van Binnendijk and Marieke Visser on the exhibition ‘Tembe fu libi’ in Moengo, Suriname.

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