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Author: Mukanzi Musanga

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Cyrus Kabiru

CyrusWith his artwork.

“A lot of people think I go to the streets to sort through garbage for my creative supplies but that’s not what happens. I noticed that people say this, especially in media because they want to use poverty as an overarching theme to rack in audiences.”

Cyrus Kabiru in conversation with Mukanzi Musanga
From his C-Stunners Series

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Steve Karinge, Kenyan visual artist

SteveDepiction of Kenyan Hollywood star Lupita Nyongo in the Marvel film, Wakanda. 2017

We were having problems with art galleries, which were making it hard for artists to showcase their work. People who have been in the art industry longer were controlling the space in a way that locked artists out saying that you had to be in the industry for a certain number of years for you to showcase; because they had it tough coming up the ladder in their days and so they wanted younger artists to taste that struggle. That’s absurd.

Artist Steve Karinge in conversation with Mukanzi Musanga.
Depiction of Kenyan Hollywood star Lupita Nyongo in the Marvel film Wakanda, 2017

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