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Author: Themba Tsotsi

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Ravelle Pillay: History Hammered by Time


At the heart of this exhibition is the sense of history that is intimate and personal. It enabled the artist to extend these sentiments to discourse what is political without it enveloping what is delicate about personal history.

Themba Tsotsi about the work of Ravelle Pillay

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Yinka Shonibare

ThembeHybrid Sculptor (Terpsichore,Bete-Guro Mask)

Shonibare created an exhibition where he wanted to show the spiritual and universal function of the African aesthetic. He created a stylised collection of works that he sought to find an historic discourse for without losing the trace of the abstract and literal interaction with western influences.

Themba Tsotsi writes about the work of Yinka Shonibare
Hybrid Sculpture (Terpsichore/Bété Guro Mask)

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Serge Nitegeka


Nitegeka work is stylised and self-referential, he creates exhibitions in which space becomes political through its very structure.

Themba Tsotsi on the work of Serge Nitegeka
Liminal Cargo IV

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Mawande Ka Zenzile


I want you to talk about your main and artistic modality, and what you see to be the symbolic and literal place you as an artist occupy, in both the western context and in your African context.

Themba Tsotsi in conversation with Mawande Ka Zenzile from South Africa

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Kresiah Mukwazhi: Strapped with Power


The exhibition discoursed the theme of powerlessness through the stories of a sex worker who became a prophetess, Madzimai Catherine in the Nyenyedzi Nomwe Apostolic Church. Mukwazhi sought to subvert the traditional power relations imposed on women’s bodies by patriarchal structures.

Themba Tsotsi on the Zimbabwean artist Kresiah Mukwazhi
Chakatanga ndicho chakachenjedza, 2021, detail.

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