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Author: Ilija Gubic

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Medard Bizimana


Medard Bizimana is considered one of the most important Rwandan sculptors, who exhibited widely. His sculptures are part of permanent Museum collections in Rwanda, Nepal, Gabon and in public spaces in China’s cities. Article presents his progress from his early works during the challenging times in Rwanda up to now when the Rwanda Art Museum in Kigali hosted his solo exhibition curated by Vivaldi Ngenzi and Ilija Gubic.

Ilija Gubic writes about the Rwandan sculptor Medard Bizimana.

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Rwanda’s Young Generation of Artists


Rwanda’s art scene is young and booming. Multiple art galleries were established in recent years, and visual artists are becoming more exposed to the region, and globe, exhibiting and experiencing residences. Article presents works of two Rwanda’s young artists Iirumva and Dusabe that are leading in shaping the dynamic art scene of Kigali.

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