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Author: Athi Mongezeleli Joja

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Nolan Oswald Dennis’ Conditions

NolanFrontcycliverse model(cosmogony)2021

If anything, Conditions, small as it might seem, is a really dense exposition to a very complex issue that needs the visitor to take their time in perusing each work.

Athi Mongezeleli Joja reviews Nolan Oswald Dennis’ Conditions
cycliverse model cosmogony, 2021

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Mncedi Madolo

MadoloIV Jungle

Mncedi Madolo’s work has so much room for growth and so much incredible potential to explore the mediums, subject matters, and materials in ways that will truly enrich his work. If one has time, please do visit his studio at Ellis House Art Building or search for his work online to make your own judgment.

Athi Mongezeleli Joja on the South African artist Mncedi Madolo
Jungle IIV

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Felix Shumba


His work speaks to the present by utilizing the past and invoking the violence enacted by the church, the military, and even the scientific fields, all under the guise of civilization so as to conquer and plunder black and brown nations.

Athi Mongezeleli Joja on the drawings of Felix Shumba, born in Zimbabwe, living in Johannesburg
INDX – Non Human, fold, opp. 33, 40, 109, 2020

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Dada Khanyisa: Good Feelings


She makes use of what we could call ordinary materials such as wood, plastic glass, mirrors, record cases, and so on; as well as creatively abstract instances of black people inside bars, restaurants, shebeens, homes, and different kinds of interiorities, with great humor and play.

Athi Mongezeleli on the new works of Dada Khanyisa
precoital convos, 2019, all works courtesy Stevenson Gallery, SA.

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A Black Aesthetic: A View of South African Artists (1970-1990)

SB'The Poet' by Nathaniel 'Nat' Ntwayakgosi Mokgosi (1946-2002).

A Black Aesthetic: A View of South African Artists (1970-1990) was an exhibition in the Standard Bank Gallery in Johannesburg. The presentation was curated by Dr Same Mdluli and was praised and criticized. Mdluli deceided to react on the critique she got. For Athi Mongezeleli Joja it was necessary to respond.

Nathaniel-Nat-Ntwayakgosi Mokgosi, The Poet

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