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Author: Lifang Zhang

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Pardon Mapondera


Among many other youths in Zimbabwe, Pardon Mapondera has followed this trajectory of working beyond the waithood, whether caused by the unavailability of resources or a global pandemic. On the path towards his own visual style, art wakes up Pardon Mapondera’s personal god of small things, with which he can make his “silent noise” heard.

Lifang ZHANG on Pardon Mapondera
Choda Ropa, 2020

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Takudzwa Guzha and other Zimbabwean artists migrated to South Africa

LiangThe sick in prayer, ink on canvas, 300 X 280,2020

It is obvious that, for these Zimbabwean artists, migration is not just a topic or a social issue, but life experiences. Just as those who work in South Africa to make a living, many of the artists are also here, above on everything else, to make a living through their creativity.

Lifang Zhang on Zimbabwean artists migrated to South Africa
Takudzwa Leeroy Guzha. The sick in prayer, ink on canvas, 202p

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