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The Zone of Proximal Development


South African artist and critic Thuli Gamedze and her brother Asher, researcher talk about ‘the zone of proximal development’ : how can you – with assistance – let grow, multiply, specialize and expand a basic familiar knowledge of art. They talk about the possible tools to reach that goal.  “In the final section when we imagine a future world, we are grounded within rigorous self-engagement, and our engagement with other peoples’ worlds helps us to think about contradiction between everyday life and the imagined.”

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New York Is Calling


New York is the hometown of art. Also the hometown of Trump. A city that loves art and a president who does not know and does not care about art. He wants to cut art funding completely. These last weeks New York could prove that it does not care about Trump.

Rob Perrée reports about recent art activities in New York

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My Granddad’s Car: in conversation with Karl Ohiri and Sayed Sattar Hasan

Melting Pot - or promotional material

The artists’ journey began in 2011, when they decided to retrieve their grandfathers’ cars from Pakistan and Nigeria, and park them side-by-side in the UK. In doing so, they aimed to explore their connections to their families and multi-cultural heritage, while reflecting on the dynamism of the British identity, today.

Raquel Villar-Pérez on a remarkable project of two Britsh artists.

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The Watermelon Woman: A Retrospective Look at Black Issues


Perhaps this is the most relevant discourse for black audiences today who may feel distrustful towards white media for under and misrepresenting them, but also overwhelmed by the pressures and stereotypes of what it means to be black. Just as Cheryl found a role model in Fae, perhaps people of color can also find a role model in Cheryl. There is a lesson to be taken in her fun, cheeky, open-heartedness and the way in which she learns that ownership and identity is not just a matter of birth but also a case of discovering oneself and enjoying the process.

Christabel Samuel on the relevance of the 20 year old black movie The Watermelon Woman for black audiences today.

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Afriques Capitales: contemporary African art in Paris


Another exhibition on contemporary African art of Simon Njami. He is known as the curator of Africa Remix (2005), the first African Art Fair (2008) in Johannesburg, The Divine Comedy (2014) in Frankfurt and the Dak’Art of last year in Senegal.

Rob Perrée reports from Paris.

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