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Robert Nzaou: Breaking Black, 2017

Nzaoubroken wings


Robert Nzaou: Breaking Black, 2017

Broken Wings, 2017


Robert Nzaou-Kissolo is a Congolese photographer who lives between the cities of Cape Town in South Africa and Pointe Noire in the Republic of Congo.

Breaking Black is a series of self portraits exploring the relationship of Africans to the West.


Atlas, 2017.

Too many young Africans still believe that the West holds promise which Africa does not, that intelligence, achievement, creativity and worthiness are all somehow tied to not having a black skin.

One would think that the “abolition” of Slavery or the “end” of colonialism have freed the black man entirely from his oppressor or that the independence of African countries celebrated in the 60’s or the end of Apartheid in South Africa has broken the colonial chains. Unfortunately, we’re still trapped, struggling to regain our confidence, dignity and pride.

NzaouDying of thirst

Dying of Thirst, 2017.

This series seeks to raise the question, ‘What are some of the ways in which Africans have allowed their identity to become defined by the West’s definitions of what it means to be black?’.

NzaouOne eye blinded

One Eye Blinded, 2017.

With Breaking Black, one is asked to look at the tools used for the colonization of the black mind and to examine how strong really are the ties that bind us and what have we become as black Africans as a result of our misperceptions of self?