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Robin Holder: Neo Images 2008-2009



Robin Holder: Neo Images

November 4, 2008
The election of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States is about us, as a people, a nation…remembering who we are and the potential of our vision. This was proof of our finest possibilty.






My President, 2008


Yes We Can, 2008.


January 20, 2009.

Robin Holder is a New York City artist motivated by the complexities of racial and ethnic identity. Her research based mixed technique works utilize innovative approaches saturated with cultural and political references that reveal conflicts of our human experience.  “Robin Holder brings to the visual arts experience a multilayered form of artistry that is heavily influenced by her own biracial and multicultural background. Infused within the usual plan of working as a painter and printmaker are the creative inventions that seem self-imposed, and it is there that we see aspects of highly skilled experimental processes that add unorthodox methods of making an art form that vacillates between collaging, printing, and painting…”  

David Driskell Distinguished University Professor Emeritus of Art, University of Maryland, College Park