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The Excecution of Michael Brown.


Mixed-media artist Talwst, AKA Curtis Santiago, has worked very hard to express his creative vision. A Trinidadian by way of Toronto, Talwst originally pursued a career in pop music, longing to be something of an experimental R&B star and found some success, even receiving council from André 3000 on a few occasions. But music in the early aughts was very different and Talwst was faced with a racist infrastructure that told him that his sound was “too indie for black kids and too urban for white kids.” This was a pre-808s and Drake world.


Banksy is your gran, 2015.


Frolic, 2013.


I know a place where to go, 2014.


The troubadour, 2014.

Fed up, Talwst moved to mixed media visual art searching for a venue that he could express himself relatively free of pre-conceived notions of what his work should be. Talwst utilizes painting, sculpture, performance, and off-kilter found objects to create an engaging visual world. Always fond of playing with new materials, Talwst sometimes uses jewelry boxes and creates scenes of life within them. He is as interested in the new as he is exploring art history, and education never finds itself alien to his work. Talwst wants to learn as much as he wants to educate. (quote from interview with by Adam Lehrer, April 2015)