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Adeola Olangunju





Resurgence, 2014





For Olagunju photography is simply a means to an end; a viable medium of expression that helps her promulgate the essence of her artistic ideas. She doesn’t merely shoot what she sees or registers a certain event, but tries to express what she sees as her own truth. “Art is fluid and I therefore affiliate more with the description of artist than being tagged as photographer. The process before and after shooting an image is just as important as the actual moment I capture it. My content emanates from within when I consciously engage in the process of image creation. I believe this enables me to recognize and acknowledge my image when I see it.” She wants to keep her work open for the audience’s perception, not imposing her own expression or emphasizing on something specific that she expects the people to see.
(Quote from article of Jorrit Dijkstra on This is Africa, August 2014)


AdeolaDREAMLAND2012Dreamland, 2012.

A resident of Lagos, Olagunju – who has a degree in Fine and Applied Arts Born in Ilesa, Osun State, Adeola encountered Photography while studying in Ogbomoso. With a performance-based works she extends her scope of practice with a language to challenge stereotypes. Also, her diffused consciousness of arts, time and trends has made her a critical, creative, meditative and passionate artist. She won the Lagos Photo Festival Award Prize for the year 2012 and the Young ArtFund Amsterdam Award for the year 2013.

AdeolaTheBodyandtheTruth2013The Body and the Truth, 2013.

Behind the Scene. Sexual Identity is fluid even though there is no consensus among scientists about the exact reasons that an individual develops a heterosexual, bisexual, gay, or lesbian orientation. There is so much controversy and prejudice on same sex relationships and queer identities.
Adeola Olagunju‘s work explores the Queer Scene in Berlin, people who embrace their sexuality, as opposed to and totally unaccepted in her home country, Nigeria, which will not tolerate same sex relationships. Same sex relationships are believed to be a perverse imitation of the West, intolerance fueled by cultural and religious biases.
(text Tumblr)

AdeolaBloodline-BloodlustBloodline – Bloodlust, 2012.

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