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Author: Rob Perrée

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History is His Story, Nest, The Hague

NestCharl Landvreugd 8

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Whitfield Lovell: early works


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Ouattara Watts


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Nick Whittle: This Is Not My Land


The work of Nick Whittle is the journey of an artist who probably started candid and full of expectations, but who soon grew into a confrontation with himself. To arm himself or to come to terms with it, he had to immerse himself in the history of Barbados and England. This history not only provided him with the necessary insight, but also presented him with the symbolic visual language that gave him the opportunity to express his aversion to it, make it visible and apologize for it.

Rob Perrée on the work of Nick Whittle (Birmingham/Barbados).
Ancestors, 2017 (detail)

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Jordan Casteel: returning the gaze


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