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Stary Mwaba: There is no interest in our wellbeing


We had to navigate our way around, we had to prove ourself. There is less of that now, you can be here in Zambia and you have a thousand followers on one of your social networking sites who are interested in what you do. But yeah, I think it’s about having the interest in something and following it through, It is…..I hate to use the word…… passion.

Matt Kayem in conversation with the Zambian artist Stary Mwaba
Chinese Cabbage, 2014-2015 (detail)

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Dareece Walker: Black Fathers Matter


Race, gender and art have been complex topics to pursue but artists like Walker find this a vital opportunity to express their message, celebrate black masculinity and protest the lack of “accurate representation of black males in media…”

Christabel Johanson in conversation with the American artist Dareece Walker
Black Fathers Matter, Series III

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This is the third article in a series of articles on the friendship between two African American artists, a “friendship beyond understanding”. In every article The Harlem Renaissance is the context of the story.

Rob Perrée tries to answer the questions the friendship evokes.

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From the Vault, part of Stellenbosch Triennale

TichaSunset Over Camel, Richard Mzamane Mabaso (1950 -) Oil on board 56cm x 77cm 1985, Fort Hare University Art Collection

‘From the Vault’ entailed that we had to go into the storage spaces of both Fort Hare and Stellenbosch Universities to unearth these collections which have accumulated so much history as an attempt to bring them into the light. We were not so much interested in the grand narrative nor the well-known artists, but we aimed to reveal histories that have been silenced or hidden by remaining in the vault. We also aimed to identify gaps in these histories. We are also aware that in exposing the silenced, we were silencing others too.

Ticha Muvhuti interviews the curators of From the Vault. part of the Stellenbosch Triennale, South Africa
Sunset Over Camel, Richard Mzamane Mabaso-1950, Fort Hare University Art Collection

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Guy Woueté: WELKOM


Activism is made to resist, to build and to share awareness and knowledge. Activism is made to implement changes in the collectives and in the society. Take a look at Steve Biko or Winnie and Nelson Mandela, take a look at Fela Kuti, take a look at Martin Luther King or Muhammad Ali, take a look at Franz Fanon or Sarojini Naidu (the only lady standing ahead the Salt March with Gandhi in 1930).

Guy Woueté (1980, Cameroon) in conversation with Rob Perrée
La dernière marché – The last march, multimedia installation, 2017-2020

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