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Cristiano Mangovo, 'Les enfants aux choux', 2019



Les enfants aux choux, 2019







Graduated in painting by the Faculty of Fine Arts of Kinshasa, Cristiano Mangovo has in the contemporary African landscape, the inspiration for the creation of his works. Through his creativity, the artist makes an exercise of the balance of power (and its contradictions) between a society that is constantly changing and the questions present in it.

Cristiano Mangovo, 'Resgatar os Valores Culturais', 2019

Resgatar os Valores Culturais, 2019

Cristiano Mangovo, 'Vinho rosa', 2019

Vinho Rosa, 2019

Cristiano Mangovo, 'You are welcome', 2019

You Are welcome, 2019

Committed to the main issues specific to the African context, such as environmental protection, women’s rights, or on topics such as consumerism, human values, social relations or urbanism, the artist’s framework is urban landscape and Daily life. The works of Cristiano Mangovo have already been exhibited at the Expo Milan (Italy), at the Hangar – Artistic Research Center (Lisbon), was awarded the Ensa Art Alliance Fraçaise (France), among others.