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David Joly, France



David Joly

Blue Pines








Totem 2, 2016.

In David Joly’s work lies what haunts our restless sleeps ; the dark foam of our night’s sleep. On a black impenetrable background arise rays of light that assemble, intertwine, multiply into geometric shapes. It is a language that is taking shape before our eyes :Spirals that snap us up. Body parts that hurt ; the widely open mouths silently crying in our nightmares; these labyrinths electronic circuits patterns; The irruption of reality in the canvas with collages; repetitive urban projects and their neighboring twin boxes – our troglodyte cities. Suddenly a forest; three trees, dark circles, a stump: Difficult to choose from redemption and apocalypse. Watching these canvases we are immersed into quirky dreams long processions David’s work tells more about ourselves than about the artist himself. It echoes our anguish/distress on several levels, from the unusual to consistency, with collages and drawings, before a world we fail to master. Luc HAZOUME – Writer Self-taught artist. My creative impulse comes from the pain. 10 years ago, I contracted an autoimmune degenerative disease while traveling in Madagascar. Since then, I inject myself every week immunosuppressive pitting for pain control. I’m living in south ouest of France in the LANDES.

JolyDivision Ruine 22017

Division Ruine 2, 2017.

JolyDivision Ruine 52017

Division Ruine 5, 2017.


Reconstruction 3, 2017.

My world is at the crossroads. It brutally emerges from a soup melting my imagination and my sensations. On the verge of the unconscious, I plunge into myself to produce monstrous and grotesque figures. In my own way, I use elements of biology, chemistry, anatomy and mechanics to articulate my paintings like living organisms and ecosystems. I use recycled materials, collage, old drawings, urban plans as a mediums. More often, i paint about brutality of urban life, forests, pain, intolerance.