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Janiva Ellis



Janiva Ellis

Open Pour reality, 2017.



“Laughter in the dark, or an underwater scream.” Spiralling sensations in Janiva Ellis’ Lick Shot at 47 Canal
The new series of paintings by the Los Angeles-based artist moves between cartoon moments of absurdity and realistic portraiture. The press release, written by writer and curator Kevin McGarry and Ellis, describe the work as “a series of glimpses into the divine comedy of existing in a world where pain is met with doubt; into dynamics that are blatant and never-ending, yet consistently denied their truth.”

EllisScambient Pet, 2017

Scambient Pet, 2017.


The Okiest Doke, 2017

EllisSomething Anxiety2017

Something Anxiety, 2017.

Spiralling events create a sense of playfulness, while at the same time a decaying moment of collision and falling run throughout, “like a shot fired from a dream, laughter in the dark, or an underwater scream. (announcement recent exhibition in 47 Canal)