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Kossi Aguessy: 1977-2017



Kossi Aguessy: 1977-2017






Born April 17, 1977 in Lomé, Togo, Kossi Aguessy studied Industrial and Interior design in the United Kingdom, at the Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London


Loo Masks



Kossi Aguessy, Archeology. Diary from Tomorrow, 2016.

Archeology. Diary from Tomorrow, 2016

Kossi Aguessy, Archeology. Previous Known as Love, 2016,

Archeology.Previous Known as Love, 2016.

What I am and what I do almost ignores frontiers or limits. French writer Alfred de Musset said “Great artists do not have Homeland”, that’s what I am. I’m global and Nubian, I’m a “Newbian.” This defines me. I have always wanted to create with my hands, to testify. I’ve always had a passion for archeology because I’m constantly amazed by human History, the ancient cultures (Persian, Roman, Greek, the Ming era in China, the Yoruba or Zulu civilizations in Africa) everything mankind has built, has established. I believe in learning the rules then breaking them to create beauty and sense. I believe in the impossible made possible. I do believe in sublime that animate us. I’m not a designer but a describer, I’m not a creator, but a messenger, a bridge, a piece of a puzzle called evolution that started before me and shall continue long after. My greatest inspiration comes from nature, and the 25 million years of evolution that bring us to the point we are today, complex and simple, natural and sophisticated, the best and the worst. We are the past, we are the future, we are Nature, a part of it . This nature I see when I see a newborn child and feel this incredible power we represent. This exerts the strongest visual and intellectual influence for me. And I believe we can build and create without denying this nature. I believe in Man, I believe in Mankind. I believe in love and life, and above all I believe in our future. (text on Saatchi Site)