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Misheck Masamvu, Zimbabwe




Misheck Masamvu, Zimbabwe

Thigh Lock, 2014.







MMInsideandOutside2014Inside Out, 2014.

“Life is ash or dust, unless collected in a vessel. Its purpose is a pledge in recompense to bleeding mothers. There are words for every sad or happy moment out of respect of ones’ lifestyle. Silent proclamations are made to reclaim some form of dignity. Most of us are dust caught on the rooftops or dressed in a white mouse costume corked in a test tube. Often we dread loneliness through the absence of a colleague or family. The fact that fate cannot be contained or controlled, reminds us of the fragility of our own existence. We fear the repeat of disasters inscribed on the tombs of the unknown. How much of ourselves do we know to stand up and speak on others?

MMDaDa2014Da Da , 2014.

There is no clear-cut solution to restore confidence when we constantly live without promise of happiness and are surrounded by chaos. Life endured by man, infected by disloyal passions and his undying quest for power, causes direct or indirect contamination in how we handle each other. Witness our corrosive nature in staking a social hierarchy. We are whirlwinds carrying objects of shame, round and round, up in the sky in circles of inhuman behaviour. Who is our master?”
Quote Misheck Masamvu

MMBehind locked doorsdoesnotfeelsafeanymore2014Behind locked doors does not feel safe anymore, 2014.
Misheck Masamvu (b. 1980 Penhalonga, Mutare, Zimbabwe) lives and works in Harare. He studied at Atelier Delta, Harare and Kunste Akademie, Munich, Germany. His practice encompasses from paintings, drawings and sculpture. Masamvu has participated in many exhibitions including the 54th Venice biennale where he represented Zimbabwe, Sao Tome Biennale and Dakar Biennale. Recent works by Masamvu seek to raise a conscious state of ‘being’ in relation to humanitarian acts not prescribed from a charter but a pursuit of acts that retains dignity.
MMBeatingthesamedrum2012Beating the same drum, 2013.

Courtesy: Blank, 113 – 115 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock, Cape Town 7925, South Africa