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Pedro Pires



Pedro Pires

Tumperwar, 2017.





Pedro Pires was born in Luanda, Angola (1978), and currently lives and works between Lisbon and Luanda. Pires obtained a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (London) and was awarded the Fine Art Erasmus Scholarship from the University of Athens.


Kikolo, 2017.


Kwanzas, 2017.

Pires’ artistic practice addresses issues of identity and stereotypes in relation to education and institutionalisation; these issues also relate to his personal history, being torn between Angola and Portugal. He explores the relationship between the figurative and conceptual questioning of identity in different societies. Pires uses various materials, media, and everyday objects that have strong symbolism, creating a space for new relations and meanings.


For Doppelganging, 2016.


Rabotnik, 2015.

With an interest in the banality of these objects, Pires reorganises them in a ridiculous and absurd manner. This creates characters that confront the viewer within the gallery space. The contexts from which all of these objects originate become of great importance; being carefully selected from each environment, some objects and their contexts become more obvious than others. Pires’ curiosity then turns to the dialogue between these objects and the viewer.