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Richard Mark Rawlins: new work



Richard Mark Rawlins: new work: I am the sugar & Island state of mine





I am a multi-disciplinary artist born in Trinidad and Tobago currently living in London, and studying at the Royal College of Art, MA Print. My work investigates the “pop-cultural” poetics and politics of life in the Caribbean, contested and resultant histories/realities of colonialism, identity and diaspora politics. I have also begun to explore anti-blackness, afro-pessimism and the process of print/moving image as a tool both for resistance and change. Noted exhibitions include OVERPR!NT, AG!TATE, ACT!VATE, Museum Centre de la Gravure et de l’image imprimée, La Louvière, Belgium 2018, Most things Happen When I Am Asleep, ARTSPACE NZ, Auckland, New Zealand 2018, Digital, National Gallery, Jamaica 2015, the Jamaica Biennial 2014 and the Global Africa Project, Museum of Art and Design (MAD), New York, USA 2010. I have also participated in the Vermont Studio Center residency.
photo by Nadia Huggins(text website artist)


Richard Mark Rawlins is a graphic designer and artist living and working in Trinidad and Tobago. He is the publisher of the online art magazine Draconian Switch, and collaborator in the Alice Yard contemporary art-space initiative. Noted exhibitions include the Bienal Internacional de Asuncion 2015 (Paraguay); the Jamaica Biennial 2014; Season of Renewal, University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica; The Global Africa Project, Museum of Art and Design (MAD), New York; The General Public, Alice Yard, Port of Spain; and NEO GLOBAL, AHFMB during Miami Artweek 2016. For the past ten years, he has been exploring the cultural poetics and politics of life in Trinidad and Tobago, notions of nationhood, and black identity as presented via a global lens.(text Alice Yard Trinidad)