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Rob Perrée, A Black Collage. My History with African-American Art.



Rob Perrée, A Black Collage. My History with African-American Art.

“In this book, I share why and how I have engaged with African-American art for over 30 years.
I do so through a chronological collage of new texts, connecting texts, previously published articles, essays, interviews, reviews, columns and short stories. The new texts place the others in context. Together, they reflect the development of African American art and show how appreciation for it and its perception has changed over time, in the U.S., but especially in the Netherlands, among the public, but also among institutions. It is a look behind the scenes that reveals my passion for this art.”

Practical book information:

ISBN 978-94-92852-88-5 (Dutch edition)
ISBN 978-94-92852-89-2 (English edition)
Author: Rob Perrée
Editor: Eleonoor Jap Sam
Translation: Robert van de Walle, Jane Hall
Design: Mainstudio (Edwin van Gelder)
Number of pages: 512
Binding: softcover
Release date: November 2023
Publisher: Jap Sam Books

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Rob Perrée is an art historian, independent writer and curator, founder of the online journal His articles have appeared in various (art) magazines, newspapers and catalogues.
He previously published Into Video Art. The Characteristics of a Medium (1988), Postcards from Black America. Contemporary African-American Art (1998), Dialogue. About Nan Hoover (2001), Cover to Cover. The Artist’s Book in Perspective (2002), 80 25 2005. Art from the 80’s into the twenty first century (2006), TELL ME YOUR STORY. 100 years of storytelling in African American art (2020).
He has edited the monographs of Marcel Pinas (2011), Tirzo Martha (2017), René Tosari (with Priscilla Tosari, 2018) and Remy Jungerman (2019).
He lives and works in Amsterdam and Brooklyn