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Traces of the Future: Moroccan Photography

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The Marrakech Museum for Photography and Visual Arts presents:
Traces of the Future

A Collective Exhibition of Contemporary Moroccan artists
from 1 May to 30 September 2015.
Opening May 2, 2015, from 19 am to 21 pm

Abdelaziz Zerrou.





The exhibition “Traces of the Future brings together seven artists: Leila Alaoui, Younes Baba-Ali, Ahmed Hajoubi, Mounir Fatmi Ahmed Hajoubi, Jamila Lamrani Abdelaziz Zerrou.

Post MarokkoJamilaJamila Lamrani.

“Traces of the Future” is based on artworks that combine social obsevations with an involvement in issues that constitute the major challenges of tomorrow’s society. The exhibition is a celebration of the Moroccan contemporary art with visionary overtones. Indeed, “Traces of the Future” sets a reference system for the works and the public, as they share the same a socio-cultural, political and critical background. These artists tackle familiar themes, maintaining a constant navigation between imaginary worlds and everyday realities. They deal with challenges to physical and mental barriers, stories of migration experiences, unveiling of some contradictions of our time, as well as the invention of activists and poetic languages. Artists of “Traces of the Future” reflect a world where meaning springs from the alliance of contrasting realities. As such, the expression “Traces of the future” is a figure of speech or an effect, by which contradictory terms are used in conjunction.

PostMarokkoLeilaAlaouiLeila Alaoui.
PostMarokkoAhmedHajoubiAhmed Hajoubi.
PostMarokkoAminaAhmed Hajoubi.
PostMarokkoMounir Mounir Fatmi.
PostMarokkoYounes Younes Baba-Ali.