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Yéanzi, Ivory Coast



Yéanzi, Persona
April 24 until June 20, 2015.
Galerie Cecile Fakhouty, Abidjan









The artist painted portraits, figures and silhouettes that belong to everyday life. In doing so, he first noticed the person before sliding into his personality to find the image that is active in it and that is expressed in dialogue with each other. In this case, it is a name that helps worn to distinguish itself in a given society.

YeanziMichelle2015Michelle, 2015.

With his creative genius, Yéanzi uses the pseudonyms of each of his hero to travel through their different worlds. He uses their testimony and set their story on a canvas covered with newspaper clippings, bits of news he paints in layers. Notably, the painter does not involve brush in achieving these paintings.
Yéanzi was born in 1988 in Katiola in the region Hambol of Côte d’Ivoire. He lives and works in Bingerville. Graduated in painting and photography in High School Teaching Artistic of Bingerville and the National School of Fine Arts of Abidjan where he graduated valedictorian in 2012, Yéanzi worked as a portraitist of control for about ten years. (text gallery)

YEANZI_Tare_dit_patche2015Tare dit patche, 2015.
YEANZI_Adjara_Nan_et_Dahi_Zoko_dit_24h_Chrono2015Adjara Nan et Dahi Zoko dit 24h Chrono, 2015.
yeanzi-saint-etienne-3St. Etienne Series.