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AO« Escale déjeuné



Escale déjeuné





Born in 1986, Adoum Oumarou, is from Kaélé in Mayo Kani, precisely in the Far North region of Cameroon. As a young painter, he took an early interest in drawing. Today, he explores the sensitive moments and elements of his environment in order to bring out important details. Inscribed in pop art, his technique is particularly interesting.

AO« Bon voyage »

Bon Voyage

Adoum Oumarou presents his work on the problems of insecurity linked to public transport. Having been eyewitnesses and an actor, he has the concern to tell stories, not sad, but of solidarity and conviviality and sharing as a mode of combat and response to security problems during his various journeys by public transport.

AO« Embarquement


In addition, he had to make several trips on perilous axes. He has thus set himself the objective of showing how these difficulties can create, throughout a trip, bonds of friendship between strangers from various backgrounds.

AO« Escale convoi »

Escale convoi

His motivations are therefore centered on facts and actions that have deeply marked him during my many travels.
Much more than a simple means of transport, public transport in Africa is a space for encounters, exchanges and communication.
It focuses on the most frequent aspects outside and inside vehicles such as chats, quarrels, sharing and acts of solidarity between passengers, etc.

AO« Secours »


As a particularity, his work tells stories such as the sometimes perilous route of travelers who face it with a smile and the hope of arriving whole. The arrangement of elements such as scenes and characters in a figurative and superimposed way is recurrent in his works.
In short, his creative process is centered on the facts and the different relational forms between passengers: From his observation, his involvement in the creation of the works.