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Ahmed Keshta, Egypt



Ahmed Keshta, Egypt 1978

Vial III, 2017


Ahmed Keshta (Egypt, 1978) is an artist who represents the contemporary version of the archetypical Renaissance artist. He skillfully masters both, art and science, in works which seem to encapsulate the magic of alchemy and the universal order.


Vial I, 2017.

Keshta felt and early calling for sculpture, which he deliberately tried to ignore by pursuing Interior Architecture studies at Cairo. Nevertheless, despite of a brilliant academic career, that calling was so intense that he finally enrolled at Helwan University, Cairo, to study Applied Arts. Those studies took him to Europe, first to Germany, thanks to two fellowships by Goethe Institute, and then to Pietrasanta, Italy, where he learnt to carve granite from the great masters. His European tour finally led him to Andorra, where he actually lives and works. It was there, amid the gorgeous natural landscapes that surround him daily, that his art has experimented a radical shift from the heaviness and severity of granite carving to the flimsiness and flexibility of deeply emotional installations made up of light and humble materials.




Ruins I.


Ruins II.

Keshta´s work is mostly autobiographical. Indeed, the abundance and variety of his personal experiences, together with his outstanding talent and observation skills allow him to create artworks whose extreme beauty thrills everyone regardless of their full understanding of the work. In fact, behind that innocent pulchritude lies and intricate meaning who just a few may decipher.(text website artist)