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Author: Craig Halliday

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Tracing the Emergence of Contemporary Visual Art Practice in Nairobi

Cyrus KabiruC-Stunners

The proliferation of many new spaces for art’s distribution particularly those of art-centres, provides liberation from commercial motives which can extend aesthetic freedom offered to artists and their practice. The networks that these multiple spaces create, and the environment of continuous questioning of ‘what is the purpose of art’ and ‘what can art achieve’ has been constructive for artists to continuously push boundaries. Additionally these new spaces create a platform for wider audiences to encounter art.

Craig Halliday on the contemporary visual art practice in Nairobi.
Cyrus Kabiru, from C-Stunners series.

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Street Art: taking art to the people.

CraigHRI ‘Talking Walls’ project transforming Korogocho. Photos courtesy of Hope Raisers Initiative 3 (2)

Street art has been a means of education, awareness raising, increasing knowledge and moulding public attitudes; which encourage constructive behaviours that can lead to a peaceful co-existence, mutual respect, common goals and aspirations.

Craig Halliday on the importance of street art.
HRI Talking Walls Project transforming Korogocho.

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