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Rostand Pokam, new works

ROSTAND POKAM ;Survie .80CMX80CM. 2016 PRIX 250 000   FRC (2)


Rostand Pokam, new works

Survie, 2016


Rostand POKAM is a visual artist and art historian from Cameroon (Born in Yaoundé, 1984).

ROSTAND POKAM ;PONT .80CMX80CM. 2016 PRIX 250 000 FRC (2)

Pont, 2016.

Rostand POKAM’s figurative paintings are about his immediate environment. They are like a study of a city, they question the characteristics of a city.

ROSTAND POKAM ;Resistance.50CMX50XCM. 2016 PRIX 120 000  FRC (2)

Resistance, 2016.

ROSTAND POKAM ;Vin du deni.50CMX50XCM. 2016 PRIX 120 000  FRC (2)

Vin du Deni, 2016.

ROSTAND POKAM ;Spectacle Abubakar Shekau .80CMX80CM. 2016  PRIX 250 000 FRC (2)

Spectacle Abubakar Shekau, 2016.

They also question formal aspects of a painting: color, contrast, depth, balance, harmony etc. Every new work is a challenge to find an interesting and original solution for these aspects.
The relation between the reality and the representation of the reality, is another theme he works on.