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Author: Rob Perrée

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ART AT THE CARIFESTA XIII IN BARBADOS: supporting actor on a stage dedicated to entertainment

VersiaHarrisIncipience No. 2 (2)

What I have seen now is a couple of bad exhibitions (the reginal presentations and the Pop-Up show), but more importantly, a number of solid, interesting and sometimes great exhibitions. They showed works that were invisible for many years, they showed new works of promising artists, they showed a fruitful mixture of young and old, they made comparisons possible with artists from the region, on the whole they created an inspiring picture of the Caribbean.

Rob Perrée on the art in Carifesta XIII.
Versia Harris, Incipience No 2, 2017.

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Mo Arab


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Olayanju Dada


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Zanele Muholi

RobZanele Muholi, Ntozakhe II, Parktown, 2016

Because she knows all the people she makes portraits of and because she invites some of them more often to pose, watching these photos means looking at intimacy between two people. An intimacy comparable to the intimacy of the photo works of the American Nan Goldin, an artist whose work Zanele Muholi is familiar with. The ‘models’ feel free to look strong: they want to be seen.

Rob Perrée on exhibition of Zanele Muholi in the Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum.
Zanele Muholi, Ntozakhe II, Parktown, 2016.

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Olga Dengo


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