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Ameh Egwuh




Quiet Time, 2020







Ameh Egwu (b. 1996, Nigeria) is a visual artist whose practice is characterised by his fascination with lines. Drawing inspiration from the scarification techniques of ancient Ife art, Adinkra and Nsibidi art signs and symbols, Egwu’s paintings invite the viewer into an expansive, multi- layered world populated with dynamic figures in intimate and casual scenes of family and everyday life.
Exploring concepts of home and familial responsibilities, solitude, and identity, Egwu utilises multiple modes of representation from expressionistic painting techniques to his use of lines and geometric patterns — drawn from textile designs from his hometown, Idoma in Benue state — in representing skin and backgrounds. His eclectic visual vocabulary conveys varying textures of lives lived and spaces occupied.


Smake Break, 2020 (1 + 2)

Egwuh studied Fine and Applied Art at the Delta State University, Abraka, Delta State and has been part of different exhibitions, competitions and trainings such as, the ACOEDE International School competition, Afriuture Painting Competition by Ramati Art Africa in 2018 and Generation Y exhibition organized by Retro Africa. In 2019 he participated in the inaugural edition of Rele Arts Foundation’s Young Contemporaries Bootcamp and was selected in 2020 as part of Rele Arts Foundation Young Contemporaries. Egwu lives and works in Lagos.(courtesy Rele Art Gallery)


A beautiful lonely morning, 2020