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Author: Rosalie van Deursen

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Addis Ababa: city and its art scene under construction

Tamrat Gezahegn 7

“The new generation is dynamic and vibrant and they are fighting for an awareness of art in Ethiopian society in a different way than their predecessors. In their eyes, art is not about simply creating aesthetic images but about raising consciousness about contemporary societal topics. All these artists find it important to be socially engaged and create awareness through their art and their artistic collaborations.”

Rosalie van Deursen on contemporary art in Addis Ababa.

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Rosalie van Deursen writes a personal report of the biennial in Senegal.
Jean-Philippe Aka takes the same event as a starting point to talk about the market for contemporary African art. Van Deursen concludes: “Considering Dak’Art as the most important international platform for established and emerging African arts and artists based on the continent but also in the African Diaspora, the international well-attended 11th edition seem to have succeeded”. Aka is convinced that many changes are necessary to make the African art market healthy.

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