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Gregory Olympio: respiration Series, 2019-2020



Gregory Olympio: respiration Series, 2019-2020








Born in 1986 in Togo, Gregory Olympio grew up in a mixed family. He was raised in an environment influenced by Beninese, Togolese and French cultures and he always had the feeling of being on a bridge between them.

His artworks play with the concept of limits and question identities.
Working with different mediums like painting, writing or installation, Gregory Olympio explore the relation between personal and universal, individual and general.

How can we define ourselves in a global world? Are we define by our jobs? Our social class? Or our stories? Are we connected to each other? Are we different? …
Respiration / Respiration, Acrylique sur papier. Acrylic on paper, 2019-2020
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