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Miko Veldkamp




Livingroom Dancers, 2019







MikoVeldkamp is deeply and consciously engaged with all the formal elements of his paintings; attentive to nuances in brushstroke, size, weight, and speed in ways that allow emotional depth and meaning to emerge from his painterly strokes. His paintings are idealistic attempts at capturing a pure representation of imagery, stripping down his paintings to what is essential and necessary for his project. Deceptively simple and incredibly fluid in their rendering, Veldkamp’s paintings depict everyday scenes, memories, or personal thoughts that he then translates into actual figurative images on canvas. Less concerned with perspective and true-to-form representations, his paintings reflect instead an interest in physical mark making and the articulation of clarity of subject and image.


Garden Home Costume Party, 2019


Lazying Around, 2019


Porch Lookout, 2019


Two Fishermen, 2019

MikoVeldkamp is from Rotterdam, NL, where he received his BA in Fine Arts from Willem de KooningAcademie. He has had residencies at Rijksakademie van BeeldeneKunsten in Amsterdam, NL, CCAAndratx in Mallorca, ES, and was the Hodder Fellow at the Lewis Center for the Arts at Princeton, University, NJ. Most recently Veldkamp showed with GalerieRianneGroen at ING Art Center in Brussels, BE, was included in the van Bommel van Dam Prize Exhibition at the Museum van Bommel van Dam in Venlo, NL, and had a solo exhibition at GalerieRianneGroen in Rotterdam. Veldkamp permanently relocated his studio practice to New York in 2016, and currently lives and works in New York City. (text WorkInProgressMagazine2017)